Participating Organizations

California Labor Federation

Dedicated to promoting and defending the interests of working people and their families for the betterment of California’s communities. From legislative campaigns to grassroots organizing, our affiliates are actively engaged in every aspect of California’s economy and government.

California 49th District Action Network

A public Facebook page to post events, actionable items, responses to actions, and success stories for actions in the district.  Also to monitor and discuss the voting record of Congressman Issa so the public can be made aware of the impact of his votes in Congress.

Canyon Democrats

Chartered Democratic Club with a focus on Trabuco, Santiago, Silverado, Mojeska and Dove Canyons, Foothill Ranch, Rancho Santa Margarita, Coto de Caza, Ladera Ranch, Laguna Hills, Lake Forest and Mission Viejo.

Campaign for a Healthy California

To build and broaden a grassroots movement to replace private health insurance with guaranteed healthcare for all Californians. Our coalition includes over 160 Labor Unions, Community Groups, and faith based Organizations working to pass SB 562 and guarantee health care to all California’s.   

Location: Statewide organization with regional coordinators and local organizers in the four sections of San Diego County.

Cardiff by the Sea Indivisible

Trump’s agenda will take America backwards and must be stopped!  In order to achieve this goal, we will work together to model values of inclusion, respect, and fairness for all.

Community Voices

Issue-based activists working on over 15 local issues in Carlsbad. Non-partisan. We fought Measure A and got Cori Schumacher elected. We are highly focused on environment, land use and 2018 elections to City Council.


Democratic Club of Carlsbad-Oceanside (DEMCCO)

DEMCCO is a chartered club of the San Diego County Democratic Party and the California Democratic Party.  Membership requires voter registration as a Democrat but all persons are welcome to attend our meetings and events.  Our preamble states that we join together “to foster and perpetuate the ideals of the Democratic Party, stimulate active interest in governmental affairs, and promote the highest degree of justice and social well-being.”

Democratic Club of Vista

Involved in community organizing, voter registration, supporting Democratic candidates, and developing and supporting Resistance actions.

Encinitas/Cardiff GO Team

The GO Team (Grassroots Organizing Team) is affiliated with the SD County Democratic Party. We are the precinct leaders who walk door to door (and call) to get the democrats out to vote for the slate of endorsed Democratic candidates/proposals. We do this for Encinitas and Cardiff CA.

For more information contact Kim at

Encinitas & North Coast Democratic Club

Organization Overview: The purpose of this Club is to educate and encourage members about intelligent participation on vital issues and current and proposed legislation so that members could be informed and be actively involved in their own governance.  The Club also fosters democratic ideals by stimulating active interest in the Democratic Party, support the party platform, contribute to party leadership and responsibility, provide a constructive role for the volunteer in Democratic politics, and promote an activist base.

Screen Shot 2017-06-03 at 1.22.43 PM.png

Encinitas Unity

Encinitas Unity is an Indivisible group in the 49th congressional district. Proud members of The Resistance. We will peacefully but forcefully defend the rights of all Americans, protect our environment and restore the sanity and dignity of our great country.

Flip the 49th! NeighborS In Action

California's 49th Congressional District is one of the most contested swing seats in the nation, with the Democratic challenger losing by less than 1630 votes in 2016, and the Democratic presidential candidate winning the district for the first time in recent history. 

Flip the 49th! Neighbors in Action is a comprehensive community, political, leadership and organizing program to strengthen the growing progressive movement and flip the 49th!

Indivisible Encinitas Coastal

Pro-active group focusing on unseating Darrell Issa with a Democratic representative who upholds our values and represents our district. Members participate in rallies and marches through San Diego County and have active call-in and postcard campaigns.

Indivisible 49

An Indivisible group that focuses action on getting Darrell Issa to resist voting for Trump’s reprehensible policies, and on voting him out in 2018.

Indivisible Ladera

An Indivisible group based in Ladera Ranch. Our goals are to replace our Congressman in California's 49th congressional district and resist the Trump agenda.

Indivisible North San Diego County

An Indivisible group following the Indivisible Guide formed January 16, 2017 focussing on California's 50th congressional district (Rep. Duncan Hunter).

Indivisible Ocean Hills

A growing network of concerned and committed residents at 55+ community (Ocean Hills Country Club) and immediate environs.


This group is about an approachable no-stress way to 'RESIST' by sharing positive encouragement, progressive information and kindness. Following the lead of these amazing and politically innovative groups: Indivisible Guide / Women's March on Washington / Swing Left /, LIBERTYgoals believes that marching forward and raising our voices with kindness is the only way to reach across the aisle, unite and uplift the community.

National organization for women (NOW) san diego

As the grassroots arm of the women's movement, the National Organization for Women is dedicated to its multi-issue and multi-strategy approach to women’s rights. NOW is the largest organization of feminist activists in the United States. In locally, we cover all of San Diego, San Diego County, North & East County and the South Bay. Our main focuses are CommunityAdvocacy, and Education.

Contact Info:; 818-927-3669
Twitter: @SanDiegoAreaNOW

North county Coastal Indivisible – And Justice For All

A small group dedicated to peaceful and effective actions to resist the Trump agenda.

North County Latino Democrats

The purpose of this club shall be to foster democratic ideals by stimulating active interest in the Democratic Party, to support the party platform, contribute to party leadership and responsibility, to provide a constructive role for the volunteers in Democratic politics, and to promote an activist base.


Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest

PPPSW believes in building and strengthening partnerships through advocacy and education rooted in a reproductive justice framework.

Our mission is to preserve and advance access to high quality, affordable, culturally relevant reproductive health care and education. Engage, educate, and train our communities to strengthen and build a strong society. Cultivate the next generation of reproductive justice advocate

Preserve Progress

We are a group made up largely of constituents from California’s 49th District with the following mission statement:

To take meaningful action on local, state and national levels to protect and advance the achievements gained by generations who have fought for equal rights, social justice, freedom of expression and the conservation of our planet.

Location (Area & County): CA 49th District

Progressive San Diego

Organizing effective progressive political action in San Diego County.

Rancho santa fe democratic club

The Rancho Santa Fe Democratic Club promotes and advances Democratic principles by educating the membership and the community on vital issues, current legislation, and the Democratic Party. The Club encourages intelligent participation in the democratic political process, advocates positions on issues, supports or opposes ballot propositions and initiatives, provides a forum and endorsements for Democratic candidates and candidates in non-partisan races, provides election support, and facilitates connection with other Democrats.

FaceBook Page

San Diego County Democratic Party

Engage voters and elect Democrats to offices throughout San Diego County, to advance equality, opportunity, sustainability, and prosperity for all.

San Diego Indivisible Downtown

Resisting the Trump agenda. Join us at .

San Diego County Young Democrats (SDCYD)

The purpose of the San Diego County Young Democrats is to promote the growth and development of the Democratic Party among those under thirty six (36); work towards developing future leaders in both the Democratic Party and the community as a whole; actively support Democratic candidates, incumbents, including candidates for nonpartisan offices pledged to fulfill the Democratic Platform; increase political awareness through the dissemination of information on Democratic issues throughout the community; and carry out the Democratic Party campaign. FaceBook; Twitter:

Contact: Codi Vierra (Secretary), Email:

SEIU California

Over 700,000 Californians make up SEIU in California; we work throughout the state, in all 58 counties, and we represent California in all of its diversity. We are social workers, nurses, classroom aides, state workers, security officers, college professors, home care workers, janitors, and more.

SEIU Local 221

We are stronger together. SEIU Local 221 represents San Diego County employees, employees in cities across San Diego & Imperial Counties, Head Start employees, school employees, and Court Reporters. As a united union we strengthen members’ voices in the workplace to solve problems, raise workplace standards, and improve their working lives. 

SEIU Local 1000

Local 1000 of the Service Employees International Union is a united front of 95,000 working people employed by the State of California. Local 1000 represents members who contribute almost $6 billion dollars to the California economy. We fight to ensure that state workers…and all workers… are treated fairly and respectfully in the workplace, and are protected from unsafe work conditions.

Contact: Alicia Nichols,, 916-765-9715
Facebook; Twitter: @SEIU1000

South Orange County Democratic Club

Support California's local, state, and federal Democratic candidates. Ensure all voters have essential knowledge to be informed and active voters. Champion American Democracy of elections and voting rights.

SPOT Strategies

SPOT Strategies provides clear, easy-to-understand educational resources, expert information, training, and consulting to support citizens who are new to being politically engaged, political izers, campaign staff, political parties, community organizations, and more.  We emphasize strategy development for coordinated efforts and clear messaging to build an effective and inclusive movement that can Sustain Pressure Over Time (SPOT).

Facebook; Twitter: @SPOTStrategies1

Swing SoCal Left

The Democratic and progressive organizations behind the recent outpouring of activism in CA. Great resource for Indivisible Groups.

SwingLeft CA-49

SW CA 49 is part of an online national organization working to flip 53 congressional districts in the 2018 midterm elections.

The three founders brought in friends to build Swing Left in the wake of the 2016 election.  Other individuals active in the creation of Swing Left have expertise in technology, finance, non-profits and art.  Swing Left is not affiliated with any political party, union or organization.  

Location (Area & County): The work of the local Swing Left is focused exclusively on the CA 49th District.  It is an online group, with participants living in the 49th and neighboring area.

The Wagon Circle

Political Action and Community Service group based in Encinitas, California. We believe positive change begins with action, persistence and supporting and protecting marginalized groups within our community and empowering our youth to speak up and fight for their future. We firmly believe in peaceful protest and do not utilize or condone hate speech, racist language, or violence in any shape or form. We are women, men, professionals, teachers, artists, writers, parents, grandparents, mothers, fathers, people from all walks of life, religions, orientations and age groups who came together after the election of the 45th president looking for a place to grieve, to express our shock and concern, our anger and fear.

True North

A progressive, grassroots group of activists, participating in: community organizing, campaigns, legislation, direct action.  First met during the Bernie Sanders primary campaign and has carried on with progressive activism through today.

TAG Indivisible

TAG Indivisible is composed of 200 + community activists whose primary goal is to defeat Darrell Issa in the 2018 election. We are a registered Indivisible group. We are non-partisan and welcome interested and engaged members who share this goal, regardless of party affiliation.

Location (Area & County): Del Mar, Del Mar Terrace, Solana Beach, Flower Hill, adjacent area


TWW North County

Together We Will (TWW) Organization Overview: We are united in our sustained commitment to secure safety, equity,  and opportunity  for all. Through action, education, advocacy, community service and amplification of historically underrepresented voices we secure social justice and the dignity of all people.

Location (Area & County): North County Coastal is our key service area (Oceanside, Carlsbad, Encinitas, Vista etc).  We have a sister organization North County Inland as well.

Our meeting are have been in Carlsbad and Oceanside.

UCSD Alumni Democrats

The UCSD Alumni Dems is a national network of UC San Diego graduates affiliated with the Democratic Party, helping to foster the next generation of progressive leaders in San Diego, Sacramento, and DC. It is a chartered club with the San Diego Democratic Party, and the California Young Democrats.