About the Action Council

The Action Council is a coalition of autonomous community organizations (e.g., grassroots groups; nonprofits) that are non-partisan, non-hierarchical, and volunteer-based.

The purpose of the Action Council is to:

  • Facilitate collaboration between community organizations working in CA-49.
  • Support the progressive movement in Northern San Diego County and Southern Orange County.
  • Promote on-going accountability for elected officials.
  • Facilitate innovations in community organizing. 

The Action Council provides:

  • Monthly meetings to support collaboration and coordination between groups.
  • Shared resources, including trainings, reports, contact lists (e.g., media; voters), and research.
  • Highly visible issue-based advocacy events, such as townhalls, rallies, and protests.
  • A framework for discussion, education, and rapid response activism to support broad action.

The Action Council supports its diverse member organizations through:

  • Opportunities and support for collaboration between groups.
  • Increased coordination between groups to reduce duplication and make a bigger impact.
  • Greater visibility for your group’s events through district-wide sharing of events and higher attendance.
  • Programs and informational resources to support action in your community.
  • More efficient use of limited resources (e.g., volunteers; money; time).
  • Access to expertise, such as public policy, community organizing, and event coordinating.